Vivian Lai is a third year CS Ph.D. student at CU Boulder advised by Chenhao Tan.

Her research interest lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. She hopes to improve human-AI collaborations by developing explanations and interactive interfaces for different tasks to help humans make better decisions.

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vivian dot lai at colorado dot edu


Harnessing Explanations to Bridge AI and Humans
CHI 2020 Fair & Responsible AI Workshop
Vivian Lai, Samuel Carton and Chenhao Tan
paper slides

"Why is 'Chicago' deceptive?" Towards Building Model-Driven Tutorials for Humans
CHI 2020
Vivian Lai, Han Liu and Chenhao Tan
paper demo slides talk

Many Faces of Feature Importance: Comparing Built-in and Post-hoc Feature Importance in Text Classification
EMNLP 2019
Vivian Lai, Jon Z. Cai and Chenhao Tan
paper code

On Human Predictions with Explanations and Predictions of Machine Learning Models: A Case Study on Deception Detection.
FAT* 2019
Vivian Lai, Chenhao Tan
paper demo slides talk